Wednesday, 8 March 2017

Network Designed for the IIoT.

Adaptive Wireless Solutions, which has a long history of producing successful and effective wireless field transmitters, has introduced the Instrument Area Network (IAN), designed expressly for the Industrial Internet of Things.

The first release is for WirelessHART.  Zigbee, ISA100 and other IEEE802.15.4 networks will be available in the next year. In addition, a powered Central Controller, using Power over Ethernet, which will operate over MQTT will also be available.

Here are some of the unique features of the IAN Genesis product:

“ANY” network (WSN) – ISA, ZigBee etc. or GSM/Sat modem for long distance

No buttons or display on the Instruments
  • Instead intuitive visual metaphor for group membership dynamics
  • AWS uses an  AN (Admin Node – aka your tablet, or phone) for deeper HMI – its designed to be a good HMI !!

• Inherent security
  • Every sensor authenticates – no possible counterfeits
  • OTP (one time pad – the ONLY encryption proven to be mathematically perfect)
  • Digitally signed readings & changes – EVERY time (authentication and integrity) 

• Lifetime trace / Lifetime data (LTT / LTD)
  • EVERY reading/change is logged in the instrument

• Location services
  • Never “lose” a unit’s location
  • Images/video of WHERE the unit is situated INTO the unit ITSELF
  • Store any tag / GPS into the unit 

• Self-contained configuration and documentation
  • Works on Installation change it later
  • Eliminates processes and paperwork
  • Allows Cloning for replacement 

• Moves adds and changes INVISIBLE to the existing Wireless Sensor Network (simplicity)

Foreign ENs – aka cheap BLE sensors – allows these to be used but in fully controllable way, scale to tens of thousands on one Wireless Sensor Network without bogging down the WSN.

Eight times as many FULL sensors now than the Wireless Sensor Network was designed for – many more Foreign ENs (broadcasters)

• Smart instruments – calculate LOCALLY derived measures – reduce need for BW – use high speed Wi-Fi as needed – lower energy use overall.

•Adaptive Wireless Solutions made a presentation at the ARC Forum in Orlando earlier in the year.

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