Monday, 25 July 2016

Valve diagnostic system for nuclear utilities.

Emerson Process Management and Teledyne Test Services (TTS) jointly developed and introduced the QUIKLOOK 3-FS diagnostic system, a new platform for testing air-operated (AOV) and motor-operated (MOV) control valves used in the nuclear industry. The dual platform minimises the cost, time, and complexity of testing safety-significant valves and helps nuclear utility managers improve the safety and efficiency of their operations.

Before this collaboration between Emerson and TTS began, many valve maintenance teams at nuclear facilities were buying separate test solutions for the two different kinds of valves. Teledyne’s QUIKLOOK platform, for example, was supporting MOV testing, and Emerson’s Fisher™ FlowScanner™ software was primarily used for AOV testing.

Now, Emerson and TTS have simplified the process by providing one AOV/MOV test platform. The QUIKLOOK 3-FS system combines FlowScanner circuitry and software into the TTS QUIKLOOK platform and provides capabilities not available in either previous product. Its features include plug-and-play measurement sensor recognition and data-conversion utilities. The QUIKLOOK 3-FS system’s updated user-interface software supports strain gauge measurement devices, supports up to 16 sensor channels, and enables interfaces to popular design-basis calculation and margin-analysis software utilities.

“The QUIKLOOK 3-FS system captures and documents fast-occurring phenomenon ─ up to 50,000 Hz ─ and reports measurements with extreme accuracy,” said Jeff VonAhnen, FlowScanner platform product manager for Emerson. “It enables nuclear-utility managers to diagnose control valves and meet regulatory testing requirements including the upcoming provisions of ASME Appendix 4.”

In an enclosure the size of a small suitcase, the QUIKLOOK 3-FS system is portable. Emerson and TTS will combine forces to sell and support the new QUIKLOOK 3-FS system.

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