Friday, 29 July 2016

International distribution for cybersecurity solutions.

Icon Labs has added six distributors for its industry recognized Floodgate cyber security solutions. Icon Labs now has distribution partners worldwide including in Scandinavia, Israel, France, Canada and Britain as well as in the United States.

Icon Labs’ Floodgate Security Framework solution provides a platform for developing secure, connected devices. The platform makes it easy for device developers to incorporate security into the architecture of the device itself and provides security management and visibility, device hardening, data protection, and secure communications. Natively securing the devices themselves provides extra layers of protection, audit, and compliance independent of the secure perimeter, reducing the need for expensive and complicated security appliances.

Icon Labs’ Floodgate Security Framework provides:
• Security policy management
• Event and command audit log reporting
• Integration with the McAfee ePolicy orchestrator (ePO)
• Integrated embedded firewall
• Firmware and intrusion detection support
• Support for RTOS and Embedded Linux based devices

“Modern industrial automation, utilities, and embedded devices are complex connected systems that often perform critical functions,” says Alan Grau, CEO of Icon Labs. “Industry, governments, businesses, etc., have recognized that no longer can they rely on just protecting the network. They need to protect the devices themselves. They are now requesting that security be built into all the various components and devices that make up the network. Even small edge devices can be the entryway for cyber-attacks and need to be protected. Icon Labs and our network of distribution partners are rising to meet that challenge!”

"Our customers tell us that providing cybersecurity is becoming an essential requirement for any device that is connected to the internet. They understand that every day these threats are becoming more dangerous, more critical," says Thierry Le Gall, General Manager of I.S.I.T in France. "By adding the Icon Labs Floodgate Security Framework to our portfolio, we are able provide developers with the ability to effectively build in high quality security into products."

"Icon Labs is the leader in providing cybersecurity - an increasing requirement for embedded systems, particularly in safety-critical and high-integrity world," says Chris Hills, founder and CTO of Phaedrus Systems in the UK. "By adding the Floodgate Security Framework to our portfolio, we are able provide developers with the ability to build security into their architecture."

“The battle against cyber-attack is never ending,” says Tomer Bogin, CEO of ScaleIL in Israel. “The Icon Labs Floodgate platform enables our customers to develop cost effective solutions against a constantly evolving threat menace. Not only does Floodgate provide a defense, it also allows us to monitor the attacks so that we know who and what is doing the attacks.”

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