Wednesday, 13 July 2016

New industries page!

The Moore Industries website now contains a new Industries section. This website feature gathers the many years of accumulated content made available on the website and structures it under its relevant industry. The new section makes it fast and convenient for visitors to the site to access information specific to their industry. Industry links available include:

- Oil & Gas: Upstream/Extraction
- Oil & Gas: Downstream/Refining
- Chemical and Specialty Chemicals
- Power Generation and Transmission
- Semiconductor and Microelectronics
- Pharmaceuticals and Biotechnology
- Pulp and Paper
- Mining and Metal Refining
- Water and Wastewater Treatment
- Food and Beverage

On these pages you will find resources such as Applications, Case Studies, Technical Papers, Articles, Problem Solvers, Videos and Product links specific to each industry. The information on these sections of the website is beneficial to end users, engineering firms, distributors and those pursuing upgrades and improvements to processes and plants.

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