Friday, 22 July 2016

Automation & controls system security!

The second edition of Industrial Automation and Control System Security Principles has just been published This is a highly acclaimed book on industrial cybersecurity that became ISA’s best-selling publication during 2013 - the year of its initial printing.

The title of the second edition - Industrial Automation and Control System Security Principles: Protecting the Critical Infrastructure - was expanded and updated to reflect the latest advances in industrial automation and control system (IACS) security. IACS serve as the operational underpinnings of critical infrastructure, such as power generation, water treatment, petroleum and chemical processing, and other vital operations.

“The updated edition covers the latest thinking and approaches to IACS security,” says the book’s author, Dr Ronald L. Krutz, P. E., CISSP, ISSEP, Chief Scientist at Security Risk Solutions, Inc. “I wanted to highlight the latest developments—from industrial, governmental and commercial sources—in industrial cybersecurity and critical infrastructure protection, and show how they can be practically applied to protect IACS.”

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