Tuesday, 19 July 2016

Key to,high voltage success - Paper

TE Connectivity (TE) has published a white paper, “Material and Component Selection is Crucial to High-voltage Success”.

TE Connectivity works in partnership with customers to deliver technical solutions that extend beyond its product range in the Rail Industry. Selection of material and components is crucial as high-voltage systems are only as strong as their least strong connection.

In this white paper, High Voltage Development Engineering Manager, Elizabeth da Silva, describes how TE Connectivity works in partnership with train manufacturers and operators to help them understand the implications of material and component selection in the 25 kV roofline systems. Roofline systems transmit high voltage power from the overhead catenary to the traction transformer and being positioned on top of the train, must be engineered to withstand harsh environmental conditions.

Elisabeth da Silva said: “TE’s collaborative approach helps customers make design decisions that will minimise the potential risk of failure in 25 kV roofline systems and ultimately deliver a more reliable rail network.”

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