Wednesday, 27 July 2016

Automated sample digestion system.

The latest addition to the Thomas Cain range of sample preparation equipment, the DEENA II from SEAL Analytical, is finding global success in environmental laboratories because automation saves time and money, improves safety and lowers the risk of human error.

“These benefits appeal to the managers of every laboratory in every country,” says SEAL President Stuart Smith. “So there has been a high demand for these instruments in labs with a regular requirement for the analysis of metals.”

The DEENA ll is a sample digestion system that fully automates the digestion process ensuring that each sample is treated exactly the same. Pre-programmed, but customizable software manages accurate dispensing of small volumes of reagents into sample tubes, ensuring thorough mixing, correct heating, and filling to a prescribed volume once digestion is completed. The intuitive DEENA software also enables overnight digestions.

A variety of models are available, ranging from a 96 position block for 15ml tubes, to a 30 position block for 50ml tubes. An auto syringe accessory is also available which accurately dispenses standards and automatically spikes samples.

“Automating digestion results in less handling of acids, which is always preferable,” adds Stuart. “However, automation also improves lab efficiency, and unattended operation frees staff for other work.”

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