Thursday, 19 February 2015

Error-free configuration and ordering of pneumatic systems.

The new Festo Design Tool 3D configuration software reduces the risk of errors when designing and ordering pneumatic actuator assemblies. Specifying system modules as a complete package with a unique product key simplifies design, logistics and assembly operations.

The Festo Design Tool 3D allows users to select their required pneumatic drive easily and then automatically places any chosen accessories on the cylinder in accordance with their needs. The tool can be simply installed with a few easy-to-follow steps by visiting the website.

The new CAD configuration tool can be accessed through the Festo online shop suite or downloaded for offline use. It offers users, including engineers, buyers and installation technicians, more confidence and a reduced workload. Featuring a simple graphic overview, the tool enables automatic and error-free selection and placement of accessories such as mountings, clevises, sensors and fittings and eliminates the need for individual file downloads. FDT 3D is a highly efficient way to place an order, saving time for all involved.

“Until now there was always a risk when selecting, configuring, modelling and ordering all the individual parts surrounding pneumatic drives,” says Steve Sands, Product Manager at Festo. “Many individual system components have to be placed manually by CAD designers, compiling long bill of material lists to be ordered with plenty of potential for error. Using the Festo Design Tool 3D, these inadvertent errors can be avoided and the days of ordering each individual component are over. Producing complete assembly models in a wide variety of native CAD formats significantly reduces the number of CAD model downloads and the time to produce a complete drawing of the assembly.”

Once the order is complete, the FDT 3D generates a product key for each complete solution as opposed to one for each component. Designers are then given a choice of how they would like to receive all the parts - either pre-assembled in accordance with their design or as a ‘PrePack’ of individual components ready to assemble in-house. Online they can immediately obtain their company’s pricing and delivery lead time information.

“Offering users zero configuration errors, a single part number per solution and just one package for all components, the Festo Design Tool 3D is the modern, lean and efficient way to order cylinder assemblies with accessories,” concludes Sands.

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