Monday, 16 February 2015

Intelligent cooling concept!

This is an interesting product for Aavid Thermalloy. It is an intelligent, innovative, high performance Liquid Cooling System which aims to replace existing air cooled systems. The company claims "HydroSink™ is the most efficient and convenient solution for medium and high power electronics!"

Three advantages
It drastically reduces the cost in comparison to traditional air cooling systems. This is the result of the three main advantages that it provides: compactness, high-reliability and optimised thermal performance.

First of all, it is very compact. Its largest component is the heat exchanger which includes a smaller fan compared to other market solutions.

Second advantage, the estimated life-span of the HydroSink™ exceeds 50,000 hours thanks to the control board’s ability to reduce the fan and pump’s usage. Therefore it provides higher reliability as there is less stress to components when the system achieves the required performance.

Lastly, HydroSink's™ thermal performance is also enhanced. The control board accurately modifies fan and pump speed in order to perfectly adapt to operating conditions. The HydroSink™ control board allows the thermal performance to be modified according to “boundary conditions” at any given moment. It strategically manages the system’s components and sensor signals, ensuring the consistent monitoring of the system’s performance.

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