Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Open CCTV system flexible & safe!

R. Stahl Camera System's OPEN CCTV SYSTEM offers the unique option of operating CCTV equipment of various manufacturers in one system, essentially independent of communication protocols.

OPEN CCTV has been designed for the combined operation of hardware in hazardous and industrial areas. This highly flexible system enables system developers and operators to overcome what used to be typical limitations: an OPEN CCTV SYSTEM can integrate not only explosion-protected cameras and other technology from Stahl, but almost any other hardware in order to implement customised monitoring solutions specifically tailored to various areas of application (e.g. in drilling rigs, refineries, pharmaceutical plants, etc.). The system also allows for easy expansion of existing systems, for instance if increased safety standards call for inspection windows, or require an additional surveillance e.g. of tank farms, loading bays, platforms, or cranes. Innovative zoom cameras or thermal imaging cameras can be as smoothly integrated as redundant power supplies, UPS systems, alarm processing technology (e.g. for I/O interfaces of fire and gas alarm systems) or redundant server systems.

R. Stahl manufactures a wide selection of explosion-protected cameras as key components of any CCTV solution. Most are based on the innovative SNF technology, where static, sensor-controlled pressurisation with nitrogen (N2) prevents the ingress of moisture or dust into the camera interior. The cameras are therefore completely water-proof, which greatly increases their life-expectancy and availability. SNF cameras are furthermore extremely light-weight, compact and easy to operate, and tolerate even extreme ambient temperatures (­40°C to +75°C).

The company brings its entire broad expertise to the design of individual CCTV systems: comprehensive knowledge regarding all methods of explosion protection ensures that the full range of technologies is taken into consideration as the ideal option for a specific application is selected. Depending on the number of cameras, recording requirements, necessary interfaces, security patrol routines etc., R. Stahl can attach software of different degrees of complexity to suit the individual OPEN CCTV solution. In addition to devising project-specific systems their camera systems provides a full service up to the implementation stage, comprising everything except installation.

• Stahl products are marketed in Ireland by Douglas Controls & Automation.

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