Monday, 16 February 2015

FDT Group Sponsoring Member announced!

M&M Software GmbH of St. Georgen (D), has elevated it membership status to that of sponsoring member of the FDT Group. In raising its support to the highest level possible, M&M Software will take a seat on the Board of Directors and the Executive Committee of the FDT Group.

"I am delighted to have M&M Software as a sponsoring member," comments Glenn Schulz, Managing Director of the FDT Group. "M&M Software has been active in the FDT Group since its inception and has played key roles in our Architecture and Specification working group, our Test and Certification working group, and various marketing committees. The M&M Software commercial products and services are major components of the FDT® ecosystem. Their executive leadership is a welcomed enhancement of their support of FDT."

"FDT is the most important technology standard used in our business unit software solutions for device integration," observes Mr. Andreas Boerngen, Director of Sales and Marketing at M&M Software. "In the past years we already have contributed a lot on working group level. With the introduction of FDT2™, we see a huge potential to take the standard a step further by integrating and combining of latest trends and technologies like mobile and cloud computing. We want accelerate the FDT 1 to FDT2 transition. Most importantly, we want to listen closely to the system providers and end users of FDT to learn more about their requirements and needs on device integration."

M&M Software has nominated Mr. Andreas Boerngen to the Board of Directors and Mr. Frank Schmid to the Executive Committee of the FDT Group.

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