Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Low-wear test plugs for testing standard interfaces!

ENGMATEC test plugs, now available through the Peak Group are designed to speed the production testing of electronic equipment incorporating a range of standard interfaces including USB, HDMI, RJ45 and eSata. They have been specially developed for industrial-level automatic testing. Because plugs are frequently inserted and withdrawn during such tests, their contact resistance changes, which means that conventional plugs are not suitable for this purpose.

The automation-compatible test plugs made are designed to ensure that the plug connections are reliably contacted with a low level of wear. All ENGMATEC test plugs have been developed for use in functional tests during production and for end-of-line tests, and are suitable for very high mating cycles. Depending on the interface, up to 200,000 mating cycles are possible. Plugs are available for testing male or female connections.

These test plugs are manufactured from abrasion-resistant plastic, with contact wires made of copper beryllium and glued into the plug body. The specially shaped plug tip facilitates low-wear contacting with the plug sockets and prevents premature damage to the contact springs. When used in conjunction with pneumatic contacting units, the plugs can be assembled into an extremely wide variety of different test adapters.

Recently introduced test plugs include several types for the new USB 3.0 (SuperSpeed) interfaces as well as new versions for the eSATA (Serial ATA) interface, DisplayPort connections, and FireWire (IEEE 1394) connections.

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