Tuesday 7 March 2023

Inspecting batteries production.

Ametek Surface Vision has developed its high-performance inspection systems to overcome the challenges in battery production processes to improve quality and reduce defects.

Volker Koelmel, Global Manager - Plastics, Paper and Nonwovens said: “Our systems have been developed using decades of expert applications knowledge and are highly customisable for many different applications. This means they are ideal for battery production, where the identification of defects is critical.”

As battery technology expands and grows to meet the demands of industries, particularly electric vehicles, Ametek Surface Vision’s surface inspection systems help by delivering accurate real-time surface inspection and monitoring for applications including lithium-ion battery cell electrodes, solid-state batteries, and fuel cell components.

During battery production, surface inspection technology is essential to rule out problems and defects, improving quality and safety and reducing customer claims. A highly sophisticated optical set-up, combined with a powerful detection algorithm and a multi-step classifier, helps to ensure that battery producers can distinguish non-quality-related optical effects from defects in battery production

Based on the SmartView platform, Ametek Surface Vision’s customizable, modular inspection system uses streaming high-definition video, advanced LED illumination, highly sensitive line scan cameras and process control equipment. It also utilises powerful algorithms for detection and classification for proven, high-quality results.

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