Wednesday 1 March 2023

Earth month driving sustainability.

Emerson is challenging its employees, customers and suppliers to participate in the 2023 Earth Month Ecochallenge, a global competition to inspire individuals to implement science-based, sustainable behaviours in their daily lives. Registration is open today at, the non-profit platform established in 1993 to create a community driving global change. 

Planting trees in Kazakhstan
Emerson is building on the success of the 2022 campaign and encouraging its customers, suppliers and partners to participate and achieve new records of collective sustainability action.

“The power to change our industry and the world begins with us,” said Mike Train, Emerson’s chief sustainability officer. “Our team is fully committed to being part of the solution, yet we can’t do it alone. The best way to achieve impact at-scale is to use our voice and global reach to energise action across our entire value chain, from suppliers to customers, as well as neighbours in our communities. The multiplier effect is key to a sustainable future.” (see his video here)

Last year, more than 1,300 Emerson employees from 43 different countries participated, saving an estimated 500 kg of CO2 emissions, conducting 59 energy audits and ensuring that over 3,000 meals were zero-waste, by serving them in reusable or recyclable packaging with no discarded food.

Removing litter in Minnesota (USA)
Ecochallenge organises actions based on the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals in five categories: basic needs and security, health and equity, education and livelihood, economy and community, and climate and ecosystems. Throughout an entire month, participants commit to concrete actions like carpooling, planting a tree, watching educational documentaries or spending more time outside volunteering in their communities. Points are awarded for each action taken, and participants can join teams to compete for the most points. Actions are recorded systematically throughout Earth Month to demonstrate the cumulative impact of global participants.

Supporting and its Earth Month Ecochallenge is an example of Emerson’s ‘Greening With’ sustainability strategy, to share its expertise, global reach and the passion of its employees in fostering collaboration beyond its four walls with suppliers, customers, communities, industry groups, research institutions, government policymakers, and non-governmental organisations.

Last year, Emerson was among 280 participating companies and is serving as the presenting sponsor of the 2023 Earth Month Ecochallenge.

Registration is open today. The challenge begins the first day of Earth Month, April 1, and ends April 30. Visit to register and learn more.

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