Thursday 2 March 2023

Energy harvesting light switch

Thanks to the success and interest that has been received from the KNX-RF energy harvesting light switch module from ZF, a collaboration is starting with light switch manufacturer Retrotouch.

Both partners are members of the KNX Association and are excited about the potential for the home automation industry, with the possibilities of this battery-free, maintenance-free and wireless switch.

The ZF KNX-RF energy harvesting switch is suitable for adding into a new bespoke system. It is also ideal for retrofitting into an already existing twisted-pair KNX system using ZF mediacouplers available from Retrotouch. Compatible with KNX-RF 2.0 Ready S-Mode it is configurable with ETS software (from version 5 onwards). The switch can be customized with programming to operate in a customer’s desired room and function for both lighting and window shutters.

Retrotouch’s lighting solutions are a stylish and affordable range which allow any homeowner to purchase and install easily. Home-automation should not be reserved for high-end custom renovations, homeowners who are looking to replace existing systems one room at a time are now able to join this industry too.

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