Tuesday 28 March 2023

Avoiding phase failure!

The Bicker module PSZ-1086 is a phase redundancy solution that ensures uninterrupted operation in the event of a phase failure. The failure protection for 1-phase applications takes the form of an all-pole automatic changeover of the supply line. Monitoring is provided by potential-free signal contacts. The module was developed for applications up to 400 W power and is designed for operation in a 230VAC network. The wide operating temperature range of the PSZ-1086 extends from -30° to +85°C.

The phase redundancy module PSZ-1086 ensures the supply of the AC application connected to the output in case of phase failure by automatic phase switching at the input. Each phase failure is detected and reported via the potential-free monitoring contacts. This enables the phase failure to be rectified before it affects the AC application. Downtimes are thus minimized. Due to the potential-free design, the monitoring contacts can be evaluated at any voltage level.

Product features
Phase redundancy module for 230VAC
1x redundant output phase
Phase monitoring with automatic switching
Safe protection against failure
Potential free signal contacts
Input/output voltage 184 to 250VAC
Input/output current: 1.7A (Uin 230 VAC)
Operating temperature range -30°C to +85°C
Long term availability at least 5 years
3 years warranty

Phase monitoring with automatic changeover.
The phase redundancy module PSZ-1086 has two input terminals for the input voltages, one output terminal for the output voltage and connection terminals for the signal contacts of the input voltage monitoring. For proper operation, two different phases, together with the neutral, are connected to both input terminals. The voltage from one of the two input terminals is looped through to the output terminal (see diagram "Bicker-PSZ-1086-sRGB-004-ENG"). Another terminal is used to connect the PE conductor. In case of failure of one phase, the PSZ-1086 module switches over to the second phase within fractions of a second, so that the uninterrupted operation of the supplied application is ensured at any time.

Potential-free monitoring and signal contacts.
The status for the input voltages (phase 1 and phase 2) can be queried and further processed via two potential-free monitoring signal contacts. Both monitoring contacts signal whether a voltage is present at the respective input terminal. Figure "Bicker-PSZ-1086-sRGB-005-ENG" shows an idealized functional diagram with all possible states for the two input phases, the redundant output phase and for the associated monitoring outputs. A detailed description of the sections is also available on the website www.bicker.de/en/psz-1086.

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