Tuesday 28 March 2023

Affiliation programme yields optical results.

The partnership between Laser Components Detector Group and the University of Arizona Wyant College of Optical Sciences(AZ USA) is yielding numerous benefits. At the recent Photonics Days, an event co-organized by the university, Laser ComponentsS researcher Dr. Motasim Alomari presented his research on "Uncooled pyroelectric infrared detectors based on deuterated L-alanine doped triglycine sulfate (DLaTGS)" to a broad audience of optics and photonics professionals.

Furthermore, Laser Components staff collaborates closely with leading researchers and professors at the Optical Science Center – one of the top five academic research facilities in the US. This partnership allows the company to leverage their expertise and further advance the development and manufacturing of its semiconductor-based detectors, ranging from low-cost APDs for commercial applications to high-end components used in military or medical applications.

"We are delighted to have close ties with academic research, as it also helps us to develop, cultivate, and identify new talent," said Raj Chakraborty, General Manager of the Laser ComponentsS Detector Group. "As part of the affiliate program, we not only sponsor R&D projects for students that enhance the scientific knowledge of the photonics industry but also participate in career fairs to foster connections with potential colleagues."

"Our partnership with Laser ComponentsS Detector Group as an Industrial Affiliates member is a testament to the importance of partnership between industry and academia," said Thomas L. Koch, dean, University of Arizona Wyant College of Optical Sciences. "We are committed to strengthening our ties with the optics and photonics industry. In addition to ensuring the future talent pipeline, our industry partnerships provide valuable pathways for our research to have real, practical impact."

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