Friday 24 March 2023

Temperature measurement in metal product manufacture.

AMETEK Land has supported a major metal products manufacturer to significantly reduce its costs. Based in Faridabad, Haryana, India, Amar Udyog is a leading manufacturer of grey iron, ductile iron, and SiMO machined castings, and has become a highly reputed OEM supplier for many popular brands.

The company operates a sophisticated manufacturing unit with a production capacity of 18,000 tons per annum, using cutting-edge technology to manufacture components for industries including the agricultural and automotive sectors.

Product quality is essential to meet customer requirements and specifications, and this is dependent on reliable, accurate temperature measurements at the foundry stage.

To achieve these measurements, Amar Udyog had been using dip thermocouples, which have a 13-14-second measurement time and require an operator to get quite close to the process*. The disposable thermocouple tips must be replaced frequently, costing time and money.

He was looking to reduce its high costs for maintenance, calibration, and monthly consumables, which included a typical monthly spend of INR 95,000 on replacement thermocouple tips.

To solve this challenge, AMETEK Land supplied two of its Cyclops 055L 2F portable pyrometers for this application. This device takes a non-contact measurement in under two seconds and is ergonomically designed for single-handed use.

The Cyclops 055L 2F also increases safety, as the operator can be positioned five or six metres away from the molten metal. They simply point the Cyclops 055L 2F at the liquid, then pull the trigger when a measurement is required.

AMETEK Land also provides NABL calibration and service support for the Cyclops 055L 2F in India, so Amar Udyog can access rapid local assistance if required.

Puneet Vinayak, Director at Amar Udyog, said: “Using the Cyclops 055L 2F has significantly reduced the amount we spend on thermocouple tip replacements each month. The instruments are easy to use, provide fast, accurate measurements, and increased safety for the user. We would definitely recommend AMETEK Land, both for their liquid metal measurement solution and for the expert support they have provided.”

* The Amar Udyog case study.

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