Thursday 2 March 2023

User friendly website with new functions.

The new STEGO Group website has been successfully relaunched. The new website offers user-friendly navigation, a modern design and a wealth of new features that make it easier for customers to satisfy their needs for information and technical data on STEGO products.

"We are proud to offer our customers and prospects a modern and user-friendly online platform that meets their needs and provides them with an easy and efficient way to get in touch with us," states Joerg Kleebaur, STEGO Sales Manager.

"We are excited to present our new website to the public. We want to meet the increased demands of our customers. Our customers want to access comprehensive information more quickly and easily," STEGO Marketing Manager Daniela Mohr elaborates. "Our goal was to create a simple and intuitive online platform that gives our customers easy access to our products and their certificates, while representing our brand promise in a modern way."

STEGO is presenting its portfolio of enclosure climate control solutions in a new format to the public with its new website. The STEGO range of products for thermal management in enclosures and technical installation spaces is presented comprehensively, comprising of enclosure heaters, filter fans, thermostats, hygrostats, sensors, LED enclosure lights, pressure compensation elements, and sockets.

The new website provides a comprehensive product library, which includes detailed product descriptions, technical specifications, data sheets, as well as CAD data (STEP) for download. Customers can also make product inquiries directly through the newly designed and optimized online forms and receive fast and reliable pricing and availability information.

The new website presents itself to potential customers with a clean and clear structure. The user experience and navigation on the site are significantly improved by the new product finder module. Website visitors can narrow down the abundance of thermal management products to a concise list of potential solutions with just a few clicks. This makes it easier and faster for customers to find and inquire about products and their specifications.

The use of features such as the thermal management calculation tool is also practical. The required heating power or cooling air volume in a switch cabinet can be easily determined using a smartphone, making it more convenient for users to obtain the necessary information.

The revamped website is also a career portal, showcasing STEGO as an attractive and reliable employer in the region. The career section addresses various job seekers, including entry-level, experienced, skilled professionals, as well as students. Numerous job openings are waiting for applicants seeking a successful career with STEGO.

The design of the website is fully responsive and optimized for mobile devices. The use of smartphones in the B2B sector is rising, particularly in foreign markets, where STEGO has become increasingly active.

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