Tuesday 3 September 2019

Fifteen years of fluid analysis!

What started 15 years ago with the takeover of a pure component production company has today developed into an extremely dynamic and innovative company in the field of fluid analysis.

The two founders of Exner Process Equipment, Michael Tottewitz and Detlef Exner, got to know each other through working together for their previous employer where they built up and developed a division for special designs over several years. They founded their company guided by the knowledge that it was easier to implement special designs and customised developments in clear, simple structures than in corporate structures.

The company, which was taken over at the start of its business operations, was principally a pure manufacturing operation for metal components. However, the existing business quickly became a high-performance construction and development division and was augmented by production of parts and equipment in the field of fluid analysis. In parallel with this, in-house products were developed in the aforementioned business. Over the years, the company abandoned contracts purely for producing individual components in order to be able to better focus on in-house products and manufacturing for OEM customers.

This year, the midsize company is celebrating its 15-year anniversary and is reflecting on a time full of change and innovations. Thanks to the courage and determination of the two founders to leave the beaten track and build up a simultaneously agile and process-orientated company, Exner has, over the last few years, developed into an international provider of high-quality probe housings for measuring pH values and optical sensors for determining cell growth and turbidity. The products manufactured are durable and offer the highest degree of variability meaning they can be configured to meet almost any requirements. Its customers primarily include companies from the chemical industry, the bio and food technology industry and the pharmaceutical industry.

When asked the two founders explain what makes Exner Process Equipment special, they agree: “Innovations with the user in mind and the willingness to constantly reinvent yourself as a company in order to react to the reality of the time – that’s what Exner amounts to. We’re proud of that and want to continue doing it in order to be a strong and reliable partner for our customers, suppliers and employees in the future.”

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