Monday 2 September 2019

Acquisition increases air monitoring capabilities.

The ACOEM Group has broadened its technical expertise and market presence in air and gas monitoring following the acquisition of DynOptic Systems Ltd, the specialist manufacturing company that designs and produces a range of continuous emissions monitoring sensors and instruments. The acquisition includes DynOptic Systems’ subsidiary business, Tunnel Sensors, a world leader in tunnel atmosphere monitoring equipment.

Smart cities are demanding more proactive and integrated environmental solutions. In response, the ACOEM Group has made a string of strategic acquisitions following the purchase of Air Monitors Ltd in July 2019, bringing together air, noise and vibration monitoring solutions as one complete offering. This expansion of the Group’s expertise will continue as technical capabilities in innovation, design and manufacturing evolve and further advances are made in artificial intelligence technology.

The recent business acquisitions have seen the ACOEM Group experience rapid growth, with business turnover exceeding €100 million (double in last 5 years) and 750 employees across nine countries.

Fabien Condemine
Fabien Condemine, ACOEM CEO, commented, “ACOEM has taken a deliberate step towards becoming a single-source provider of integrated environmental monitoring systems and services to address the growing and future demand for these highly specialised instruments.”

As the world increasingly turns to underground road tunnel networks to support infrastructure planning, tunnel monitoring is seen as a core capability to support the ACOEM Group’s smart cities strategy.

Tunnel Sensors technology by DynOptic is leading the world in the specialist field of tunnel monitoring, with its sensors currently installed in famous road tunnels such as the Mont Blanc Tunnel linking France and Italy, Tunnel du Chat in France, the Dublin Port Tunnel in Ireland, and the newly opened WestConnex motorway in Sydney, Australia. In addition, DynOptic offers an innovative range of opacity, dust, particulate and smoke monitors to suit a variety of continuous gas emission applications such as boilers, filter bag houses, incinerators and other industrial and marine processes.

Paul Jones
Paul Jones, DynOptic Systems managing directors, says, “ACOEM has acted quickly in its response to the growing global demand for specialist environmental monitoring technology and instruments. Joining forces with ACOEM Group allows DynOptic Systems to accelerate its research and development, and deliver new technologies that meet the needs of customers seeking the highly technical solutions required to monitor and control their urban environments.”

DynOptics Systems brings 40 years of experience, offering a depth of knowledge and a strong industrial product focus to the ACOEM Group. The business continues to support companies and public authorities in reducing their environmental impact through innovation and technology using scientifically-based engineering disciplines that provide added value to ACOEM Group’s customers.

Nicholas Dal Sasso, former ECOTECH managing director and now CEO of ACOEM Environment, highlights the importance for more proactive and integrated environmental solutions; “The combination of new technologies, access to hyperlocal information and higher expectations from citizens will dramatically change the way we measure air quality in the coming years.

“Breathe London is a perfect example, showing that smart cities need comparable, stable, and accurate data in order to act. With an alarming new study demonstrating how breathing in air pollution can be as harmful to your lungs as smoking cigarettes, it’s increasingly important for citizens to understand exactly which locations expose them to the highest levels of risk. Access to such information can only be supported by tools that reliably measure air and gas quality in a range of environments, and provide this data in real time,” added Mr Dal Sasso.

Mr Jones will remain in his role as the managing director of DynOptic Systems, working closely with Mr Condemine and Mr Dal Sasso to help the ACOEM Group develop new growth opportunities, initiate further research and development, and accelerate the group’s smart city and smart industry environmental plans.

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