Friday 27 September 2019

EU exit resources!

GAMBICA members can access the EU Exit Resources page in the My Gambica members area, to see the latest advice for businesses in preparing for Brexit. Members will need to register if they havn't used this area of the website previously.

The organiation has taken all the advice that is felt to be specifically relevant to members and put it into a single page, with links and downloads to supporting advice and recommendations. This has been gathered over the year, in direct consultation with government departments, by attending conferences and briefings for Trade Associations and from government digitial communications specific for business readiness.

Members also recieve a regular update email with any new advice, changes or events of interest. (If you are a member and don't receive this email, please get in touch  and they can put you on the distribution list.)

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• See also our Brexit - Deal or no Deal page.

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