Friday 20 September 2019

Direct access to history!

Ocean Data Systems (ODS) has signed a technology agreement with Rockwell Automation enabling it to deliver FactoryTalk connectivity in its Dream Report product.

Dream Report 5.0 R2 delivers the first of several FactoryTalk connectors enabling it to access historical data without the need for third-party interfaces such as OPC or ODBC. This connector provides access to the historical data available in FactoryTalk applications. Other connectors to access Live Data, Audits, and Alarms and Events will follow shortly.

“After seeing the powerful reporting capabilities provided by Dream Report, we felt that our business relationship could be strengthened through tighter integration between our products. We worked with Ocean Data Systems to enhance our capability for third-party connectivity into our platform, allowing for this new driver to be developed. With it, Dream Report can connect directly to the system to access and report on FactoryTalk data. This connectivity will be very useful to our customers moving forward, allowing them to develop reports for their HMI systems quickly and efficiently,” says Michael Szentkiralyi, Product Manager – Controls & Visualization Business at Rockwell Automation.

“As a member of the Rockwell Automation PartnerNetwork via the Encompass Product Referencing program, we were honored to work closely with Rockwell Automation to assist in the development of this data connector,” says Alex Mazal, CEO of Ocean Data Systems. “FactoryTalk will enable Dream Report to offer native connectivity benefitting users with greater ease of use and enhanced performance, key benefits to all Rockwell Automation customers.”

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