Friday 13 September 2019

Contactless tube ID measurement.

Developed for an Italian automation specialist and available as part of Riftek’s* expanding range of laser scanning pipe and tube inner diameter measurement system solutions, a new variant of the RF096 series laser probes speeds precision measurement inspection for tubular components. With direct interfacing to PROFINET equipped fieldbus controllers, the system combines a rotating triangulation laser and a motorised linear translation stage that together step & scan profiled or smooth inner diameters between 35 to 55 mm for a measurement resolution of 3 microns and linearity of ±15 microns over a bore depth range of 100 mm.

The RF096 is an example of Riftek’s capability to design and supply its optoelectronic 2D and 3D laser measurement devices as cost effective automated measurement sub-systems for high-throughput production. In particular this new variant of the RF096 laser probe series includes a Class 2 (IEC60825-1) red semiconductor laser with a 660 nm wavelength. Installation is straightforward with external connectors for Ethernet and 2x PROFIBUS interfacing as well as 24 VDC power. Its sturdy base with a protective aluminium cover is fixed to the production machine – typically for sawing, cutting or precision machining – and the component is axially presented to the traversing laser probe. The overall dimensions of the un-extended unit are within an envelope of 500 x 182 x 90 mm (LxHxW). With automated control via PROFINET, which is fully supported by a comprehensive manual and appropriate GSD files, the linear translation stage accuracy is ±0.05 mm and the typical measurement scan time is 5 seconds. Ixthus Instrumentation works directly with Riftek and these typical specifications and measurement characteristics can be adapted to the customer’s application on request.

Other examples of the RF096 rotational sensor measurement series include customised adaptations with machine integration for manual operation where footswitch or keypad/mouse activation provides measured results recorded within the software that are displayed on a GUI as actual dimensions or as pre-set go or no-go values. Riftek’s measurement principle can be adapted to essentially any inner diameter dimensions and reasonable measured length.

* As Riftek’s exclusive distribution partner for Ireland & Britain, Ixthus Instrumentation provide complete sales and support for the RF096 series.

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