Wednesday 25 September 2019

Barcode printers.

Printronix Auto ID has announced the addition of the T4000 RFID Thermal Barcode Printer to its rapidly growing line of high-performance RFID printers. The T4000 prints and encodes on both standard and on-metal RFID labels and tags making it a universal solution for almost all RFID applications.

The T4000 RFID printer was designed from the ground-up to print and encode on-metal and traditional labels, making it the ideal solution for RFID asset tagging of tools and equipment used in healthcare, manufacturing, supply chain, IT, and service yard industries. On-metal tags typically include a foam insulator and a metal foil backing that makes them incompatible with most standard RFID printer/encoders, but the T4000 was engineered to handle the media with ease. And, because accuracy is critical in every application, the T4000 will back-up and completely overstrike RFID labels that fail to encode properly.

“The T4000 is a great addition to our rapidly expanding line of RFID printers at a price point that offers great value to our customers,” said Andy Edwards, Director of Product Management. “The T4000 was designed for ease of use, high productivity, and the flexibility of printing on-metal or traditional RFID tags. We are committed to providing our customers with the same versatility and reliability in our RFID printers that they expect from all Printronix printers”

The T4000 is available with and without RFID capability. Due to its compact size, the T4000 fits into environments where space is limited but enterprise-level performance and RFID printing is a requirement. Despite its small stature, the T4000 can easily print up to 5,000 labels or tags a day at an impressive ten inches per second.

Designed for today’s high-tech applications, the T4000 fits seamlessly into any environment with multiple connectivity options, remote printer management tools and automated alerts that keep operations functioning at optimum efficiency and productivity. The T4000 RFID comes standard with Ethernet, USB host, USB device and Serial connectivity. State-of-the-art versions of WiFi and Bluetooth can also be ordered as optional features.

Like all Printronix Auto ID industrial label printers, the T4000 RFID is built on their exclusive Printronix System Architecture (PSA) platform which simplifies printer replacement and installation. Users and IT professionals will appreciate the nine thermal printer language emulations, embedded webpage, remote printer management tool, and a user interface that is common to all Printronix industrial printers.

Easy to operate; the T4000 includes a bi-fold door that allows users to change media and ribbon in tight spaces and the illuminated 3.5-inch color display provides adequate light and easy navigation under any conditions. To minimize media changes, the easy side-loading label and ribbons spindles support 8-inch media rolls and 450-meter ribbons.

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