Tuesday 26 March 2019

Precision RF and Microwave Adaptors.

Intelliconnect (Europe) is expanding its RF and Microwave precision connector and adaptor range. The company now offers a wider range than ever of high specification stainless steel connectors as well as in-series and between-series adaptors.

Their attenuators and adaptors are used where signal integrity and quality are important, and a high level of reliability is required. Connector interfaces available include: N, SMA, TNC, 2.9mm, 2.4mm, BMA and SSMA types operating at high frequencies including 18, 40 or 50GHz.
A recently introduced and innovative solderless interconnect for semi rigid cables is now features in the Intelliconnect precision range and waterproof designs are available.

Roy Phillips, Managing Director of Intelliconnect, comments, "We supply a large range of very competitively priced RF, microwave and coaxial components and all of our products are designed and manufactured in our own UK and US factories. We supply both standard and custom products on competitive lead times and our recently awarded SC21 Silver accreditation offers designers and buyers additional confidence in our products."

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