Thursday 7 March 2019

Energy and Water under spotlight!

The ISA Energy & Water Automation Conference, slated for 7-8 August 2019 in Orlando, (FL USA), will feature interactive sessions led by ISA’s power generation, alternative energy, municipal water, and industrial water experts.
The conference program will feature technologies and best practices that apply to multiple infrastructure sectors. Today’s challenges include leveraging data analytics in a meaningful way, navigating the new world of IIoT with safety and cybersecurity in mind, and applying the insights of recent Smart Cities Initiatives to improve operations. These challenges—and many promising best practices—are relevant for several industry sectors, and this unique event will bring people together to move everyone forward.

“Part of ISA’s mission is to increase technical competency by connecting automation professionals, and this event is a perfect example of how that can benefit our industries,” said ISA Executive Director Mary Ramsey. “Technology applications that are working in one sector can often translate to another, but users and solution providers have to engage in meaningful dialogue to find those synergies. ISA can be a venue for those discussions in multiple ways, from standards development to content creation to in-person events.”

ISA’s Water Wastewater Industries Division will bring expertise and content focused on effective utility management, water/wastewater operations and maintenance, IT/OT coordination, engineering best practices, integration/programming, SCADA, PLCs, instrumentation, cybersecurity, and asset management related to the treatment and distribution of water and the collection and treatment of wastewater.

ISA’s Power Industries Division plans to host sessions covering automation and control solutions for oil and gas exploration, processing, and refining with a focus on power generation methodologies, including harnessing wind and solar energy.

Many industries rely on sourcing, transporting, handling, recycling, and disposing industrial water as a core element of their power generation strategies. Infrastructure that supports both power and water are also at the heart of the “Smart Cities” initiatives. Automated solutions offer promising results for safety and efficiency, but every connected device is also a potential cybersecurity vulnerability, so a comprehensive risk mitigation strategy is imperative for companies and facilities.

“We’re excited to offer attendees a meaningful and comprehensive technical program that brings expertise from multiple industries to bear on today’s most pressing challenges,” said ISA Energy & Water Automation Conference Chair Manoj Yegnaraman, Associate Vice President and Principal Instrumentation & Control Engineer at Carollo Engineers. “This approach gives us an opportunity to identify and discuss new solutions from a holistic perspective, learning from each other and widening our professional networks.”

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