Tuesday 26 March 2019

Passive harmonic filters expanded.

FN 3442 and FN 3443 for 380 VAC to 415 VAC 60 Hz networks expands Schaffner’s unparalleled range of harmonic filters for improving power quality

Schaffner has extended its well-known and best-in-class ecosine evo line passive harmonic filter series to 380 VAC to 415 VAC, 60 Hz. The product range combines superior technology to reliably mitigate excessive harmonics with an evolutionary modular product concept and broadens the availability of Schaffner filter solutions for customers and applications.

The new ecosine evo FN 3442 and FN 3443 are dedicated passive harmonic filters for three-phase diode and thyristor rectifiers. They can achieve a THID ≤ 5% with and without a DC-link choke included in the drive. They guarantee compliance with the toughest requirements of IEEE-519 and other stringent international power quality standards while being the most dedicated and compact passive harmonic filters available in the market. The filters offer excellent performance at rated power with minimal reactive power, even at partial or no-load conditions. When incorporating ecosine evo filters the electrical infrastructure is unburdened and its utilization is much more efficient and reliable. In addition, the service life cycle of electrical equipment is extended, and energy costs can be reduced.

Adding this extension to the existing six product families of ecosine evo filters FN 3440/41, FN 3450/51 and FN 3452/53, ecosine evo can now cover networks of 380 VAC to 500 VAC, 50 Hz/60 Hz.

Thanks to the modular concept including dedicated filters for drives without (FN 3440, FN 3450, FN 3442, FN 3452) and drives with (FN 3441, FN 3451, FN 3443, FN 3453) included DC-link choke ecosine evo filter series offers a market unique flexibility. It allows Schaffner to provide an optimal solution by offering base modules that are dedicated to the drive technology and can additionally be adapted to application and customer needs as well as installation requirements by simply “plugging in” add-on modules. The new Schaffner modular filters allows for the best tailored solutions for applications, aligning product offerings with international market requirements and customer expectations.

Ecosine evo filters FN 3442/43 are available with standard power ratings from 1HP to 240HP (0.9 to 177kW). They are available as open frame IP 00 (-E0XXXXX, -E0FAXRX, -E0FAJRX) and IP 20 (-E2FAJRX) versions. All FN 3442/43 filters are CE-marked, UL listed and RoHS compliant. Ecosine evo filters are easy to install and maintain. They are fully supported in Schaffner’s well known power quality simulator SchaffnerPQS3.

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