Friday 29 March 2019

Machine vision lighting controllers.

Gardasoft Vision has announced the launch of the FP220 series of high speed lighting controllers for machine vision. This new generation of dual channel controllers uniquely combines capabilities for high frequency, high power LED pulsing with outstanding low output current performance, making them suitable for a huge range of machine vision applications.

Designed for use with any LED lighting rated up to 3A, the FP200 series provides reproducible current control to deliver continuous or pulsed light output. It utilses enhanced technology for faster pulse rise times, with trigger frequencies up to 10kHZ for high speed pulsing applications such as line scan imaging. With a maximum pulse current of 20A, applications requiring high power, long lighting pulses such as UV curing can also be easily handled. Naturally full control of overdriving, pulse width and pulse delay are provided.

With overdriving capabilities up to 999% of the continuous LED rating value for high intensity short pulses, FP220 users benefit from Gardasoft’s patented SafeSenseTM and SafePowerTM technologies. SafeSenseTM regulates the pulse width timing and duty cycle according to the amount of overdriving in order to deliver the maximum light possible for the application without any possibility of damage to the LED. SafePowerTM provides automatic flexible operation with low heat dissipation for the controller itself.

The FP220 Series also offer excellent performance for low current applications, extending the application range for these controllers. Output current below 300mA can be controlled in 100µs steps and in 6 mA steps for higher currents. The accuracy and repeatability of output current below 300mA is ±1%, providing the levels of control needed for applications that are very sensitive to lighting variation.

Integration into machine vision systems is made easy since the FP220 can be configured using a web browser and with Ethernet or RS232 commands in the same way as Gardasoft’s other controllers. Versions compatible with Gardasoft’s triniti™ intelligent lighting platform are also available. The triniti platform provides an API and GigE Vision interface to control the light, and LEDs featuring a ‘triniti chip’ can exchange relevant performance data with the FP220 controller.

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