Thursday 28 March 2019

Easy access to Industry 4.0.

Aegis Software has announced the unique combination of critical technologies of IIoT connectivity and supply chain optimization that enables the market catch up on business goals related to Industry 4.0.

Industry 4.0 has been evolving for some time, though many companies continue to experience declining productivity as product-mix increases. Two fundamental issues preventing the establishment and growth of Industry 4.0 have been identified, and now resolved.

Firstly, unlike other MES, PLM & MOM solutions, that are founded upon a code-base dating back many years prior to IIoT technology, the unique Aegis FactoryLogix digital MES platform has been specifically developed as an IIoT platform, and is the first to support the IPC Connected Factory Exchange (CFX) IIoT standard. With machines reporting consistent, fully detailed data, FactoryLogix provides contextual qualification, through a combination of visibility across all machines and processes, creating a meaningful live view of manufacturing that aids advanced manual and automated decision-making, as well as edge-based data preparation for transfer to the cloud, avoiding the issue of “digital landfill”. With the impediment of lack of operational data quality resolved, today’s high-mix and demand-volatile assembly factory can now retain world-class productivity levels, with the ability to adapt and re-optimize at a moment’s notice.

With the digital MES and IIoT platform established in assembly, the second impediment to Industry 4.0 is the extension of such flexibility to the supply-chain. Aegis FactoryLogix provides perfect accuracy of material accountability and predicted consumption, which is now used to drive Just In Time (JIT) material flow management, back to material suppliers and distributors. CircuitByte’s BOMConnector product is used by both material purchasing and EMS quotation teams, to automatically discover and select, through internet-based services, the most cost effective, quality, and available materials available within heavily constrained lead-times, ensuring customer-driven demand change requirements can be met without risk. Together with data from FactoryLogix, BOMConnector allows purchasing to react to the need for urgent material requirements, as well as cope with potential material shortages in the market, providing the necessary supply-chain flexibility enhancement to ERP and MRP, making Industry 4.0 possible.

Anyone considering a current or future Smart Industry 4.0 project, establishing practical digital manufacturing and supply-chain “best practices”, must first understand the most significant step forward in terms of IIoT available for everyone, and the realization of Supply-Chain 4.0.

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