Tuesday 20 March 2018

Are process control & automation systems secure?

ISA Ireland - Conference on Cybersecurity for Process Control and Automation Systems,  Cork, Ireland.  13th April 2018
Panel of Speakers
The growing threat from Cyberattacks on the control systems running manufacturing plants and critical infrastructure is not going away.

The conference aims
• Highlight how to identify cyber threats, mitigate risks & limit exposure of control systems/networks.
• Introduce proven industrial systems security standards and practices and demonstrate how to apply them – ISA99 / IEC 62443 (Industrial Automation and Control Systems Security).
• Show what mitigation steps are being taken, by leading control system manufacturers & end users, to implement Cybersecurity Standards.
• Showcase industry best practices and highlight peer to peer experiences & lessons learned.
• Identify steps needed to protect Control and Automation Systems from internal threats.
A conference on Cybersecurity for Process Control and Automation Systems is being organised by the Ireland Section of ISA studying .

The event will explore the solutions and concerns which uniquely affect control and automation systems used within the Manufacturing, Transportation and Critical Utilities across Ireland today.

ISA Ireland will have some of the world's leading speakers on this topic including those from some leading Control and Automation suppliers like Siemens, Rockwell, Emerson, Yokogawa and ABB

One thing all the experts agree on is there is no single permanent solution, these cyber threats are constantly evolving. Masures may be taken to reduce exposure as several of the presenters will outline, but operatives and other users need to constantly be aware and prepared for new cyberattacks.

The presentations will give an understanding of how the control system manufacturers are designing protections into the existing and future control system to reduce these treats.

An International Panel of presenters representing these manufacturers will form part of the day. There will also be two breakout sessions with discussions on threat from cyberattacks and how best control systems can be protected.

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