Thursday 1 March 2018

Excellence in wireless automation.

Alcoa Corporation (Alcoa) was presented the 2017 ISA100 Wireless Excellence in Automation Award for “Leadership in Development and Implementation of Wireless Applications for Mining/Refinery Operations.”

Andre Ristaino (right), Managing Director, ISA100 WCI,
presents 2017 ISA100 Wireless Excellence in Automation
Award to Chester Davidson, Global Services Manager, Alcoa.
The ISA100 Wireless Compliance Institute presented Alcoa the award at the February 2018 ARC Industry Forum in Orlando during the 'Smart Field Systems Creating Business Value for Process Industries' session, hosted by Tim Shea.

The presentation was on Wireless applications for Alcoa.

Alcoa is recognized for its visionary work with wireless technology. In 2014 Alcoa established ISA100 Wireless technology as its global standard across refinery operations. The company established engineering standards, installed wireless infrastructure and monitoring equipment, and developed wireless training modules and support processes. In 2015 Alcoa established a wireless advisory board to provide corporate governance for wireless technology implementation and developed instrumentation selection criteria.

From 2016 to 2018, the company has worked with its vendor to develop new ISA100 Wireless instruments for its specific needs, including a lower cost, lightweight wireless pressure transmitter, a wireless safety shower panic button, a multi-use wireless push button, and an ISA100 Wireless serial interface for use on in-house specialty analyzers. Additionally, it enabled Wi-Fi in the process area, supporting a global, corporate connected worker initiative.

Alcoa’s objectives in selecting ISA100 Wireless as an enabling technology were to:

  • Provide an engineered, secured, managed and integrated wireless network into alumina refinery process areas.
  • Support mobile operators using handheld devices.
  • Allow for wireless connectivity of PCS/EHM equipment that is either remote or mobile.
  • Enable IIOT and IOT in the future.

The adoption and implementation of ISA100 Wireless has reduced capital expenditure related to installation of process/condition monitoring instruments, increased deployment speeds, facilitated troubleshooting via mobile/temporary sensors, and extended monitoring applications to moving equipment.

The complete presentation on Alcoa’s work can be found here.

“Our engineered wireless infrastructure has provided the necessary foundation for us to introduce digital transformation initiatives such as Connected Worker & Connected Plant to our operations and pave our way toward the refinery of the future vision,” said Alcoa representative Ali Nooraii, Ph.D., Director, Global Alumina & Bauxite Process Systems.

Working with wireless instrumentation suppliers to develop new, innovative and lower cost sensors will be key to our success in improving plant performance through improved data-based predictive maintenance and diagnostics. The next wave of disruptive technology is one good idea away,” said Alcoa representative Robert Polinelli, Manager, Global Alumina PCS Infrastructure.

“We are now seeing large-scale deployments of ISA100 Wireless technology, and the Alcoa approach is a good example of company-wide wireless technology adoption in order to ensure 100 percent instrumentation coverage at operational sites,” said Andre Ristaino, Managing Director, ISA100 Wireless Compliance Institute.

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