Wednesday 14 March 2018

Controlled monitoring and control of transformers.

To address the needs of the energy automation sector and in the context of digitization, Camille Bauer is introducing higher-performance variants of the CENTRAX CU3000 and CU5000. As well as the BASIC version the ADVANCED version is now also available. The CENTRAX is a 2-in-1 device, combining in a single housing a highly precise measurement device for monitoring electrical parameters and the functionality of a programmable logic controller. It supports the CODESYS development environment for developing IEC 61131-3 compliant industrial automation applications.
CENTRAX CU3000 or CU5000 in an example of a
networked application with the CODESYS
development environment

New Modbus Master function
Via the RS-485 and Ethernet interfaces, the CENTRAX can now also retrieve and perform further processing of the measurement data and status information from any Modbus device. Requests are transmitted using either Modbus/TCP or Modbus/RTU. An extensive library of predefined Modbus devices is available for this purpose, making integration of the desired information significantly easier. It also eliminates any definition errors from the requests in advance.

Free useable Modbus mapping
There are up to 1000 registers available for user-defined measurement data mapping and up to 200 for status data (coils). Users can thus make the data from their control application available to higher level systems, such as the SCADA Data Management System, etc. in a universal and extremely flexible way.

Costs and benefits
From a cost/benefit point of view, the advantage of the additional functions of the ADVANCED version is evident. The integration of a highly precise measurement instrument and a soft-PLC in a single housing means that the component cost alone is reduced by 50%. Procurement and logistics-centred processes are optimized at the same time. Furthermore, the functional integration has an immediate positive impact on planning and implementation costs, both financially and time-wise. At a wide range of different levels of digitization, such as local automation (manual retrieval of data when needed), remote monitoring (specific, transmission of a reduced set of data via power line, EDGE GPRS, etc. or remote control (remote monitoring and its control based on broadband transmission via LAN, LTE glass fibre etc.), the CENTRAX, as a local intelligent unit, offers a cost-effective and well as universal solution

Potential applications
Applications for CENTRAX are to be found wherever there is a need to perform precise measurements as well as additional control tasks. For example the retrofit digitization of on-load tap changers, the controlled monitoring and control of transformers for overload protection, control of the effective load of lifts for efficiency optimization, timers for street lighting etc.

• Camille Bauer Metrawatt products are marketed in Ireland by Irish Power and Process

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