Tuesday 13 March 2018

Multifunctional DC energy meter.

The trend towards efficient utilization of limited resources has led to the introduction of a host of activities for energy efficiency improvement. For DC systems especially, monitoring their performance and error-free operation is fundamental. Photovoltaic and battery storage systems are particularly relevant here and the focus is also evidently on the power supplies of emerging electromobility solutions.

Universal 4-channel DC transducer
In the case of photovoltaic systems, energy efficiency is normally monitored at string inverter or inverter level. To do this, each string of a PV module or the individual inverter is measured in order to capture operating data such as voltage, current and power in both DC as well as AC.

This data shows the productivity of the system and also provides the operator with early indications of possible problem areas.

Camille Bauer's  SIRAX BM1450 multifunctional DC energy meter was designed for the measurement and monitoring of DC systems. With four independent channels and multi channel support, it is ideal for bidirectional voltage and current measurement. The DC energy meter can be used to measure the energy consumption of four independent loads as well as charging and discharging currents. The measurement data can be parametrized directly on the device using two pushbuttons or via the RS485 Modbus RTU interface. Four integrated relay outputs allow the user to implement functions such as triggering a pulse output for additional external counters or for implementing time-delayed tasks.

The outputs can be activated by an external limit switch for example or other remote triggers. Measurement results can be displayed locally on the large 4-row LED display or sent via Modbus RTU to a higher-level system, (such as the SMARTCOLLECT data management system from Camille Bauer Metrawatt AG) for display and further processing.

Camille Bauer Metrawatt products are marketed in Ireland by Irish Power and Process.

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