Tuesday 13 March 2018

Optical Loss Meter.

Viavi Solutions sets new standards introducing the industry's first dedicated optical loss test set for MPO and MTP fiber connections. The device distributed by Laser Components needs less than six seconds to measure fiber length, optical loss and polarity of all twelve fibers in a standard MPO connection.

It also enables visual inspection of the fiber end faces. All the results are shown on a user-friendly 3.5" touchscreen. The color-coded pass/ fail display lets the user know if all the values are within the permitted limits. Customer specifications, test wavelength, and reserve are also displayed to provide in-depth analysis. If required, the MPOLx also generates a detailed certification report.

An MPOLx test set consists of two devices, each with its own light source, power meter and connector microscope. Measurements can be conducted from both sides of the fiber with the results also being displayed on both devices. Thus, the technician can do his work most efficiently without constantly moving between both measurement points.

So far, MPO and MTP multi-fiber connectors have mainly been used to bundle transmissions inside a data center. Adapting to the ever-growing demand, many companies and data centers now use bandwidths of 40 to 100 Gbit/s to connect terminals. It goes without saying that optical losses in these kinds of fiber connections must also meet all specifications. These Tier 1 certifications can be conducted fast and with outstanding precision using VIAVI's new MPOLx.

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