Tuesday 27 March 2018

Co-operation means Best-practice approach.

Werum IT Solutions and EXTEDO has announced the launch of RImanager Starter Package. The package includes the RImanager software and a set of services such as software installation, pre-defined and EMA SPOR-compliant configurations, best-practice content, consulting and training.

Christian Bohrmann
“Statistics show that organizations who follow a structured implementation approach typically reap a faster return on their investment than those who don’t,” said Christian Bohrmann, VP Marketing & Alliances at EXTEDO. “Pharma and biotech customers using our RImanager Starter Package benefit from faster and cost effective implementation and pre-defined configurations that have been extensively tested. We developed this best-practice approach together with our partner Werum IT Solutions and regulatory experts.”

RImanager enables pharma and biotech companies to efficiently manage their regulated product master data as well as plan and track related regulated activities, processes, submissions and commitments. It covers the entire lifecycle of pharmaceutical products from a regulatory point of view including registration, submission management and pharmacovigilance processes.

The software product RImanager is developed by Werum IT Solutions while EXTEDO is in charge of the global distribution, the product rollout to the customers and the definition of functional requirements for new product versions.

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