Tuesday, 2 May 2017

Very cool precision accelerometer.

The new Type 8712B high sensitivity, voltage mode accelerometer from Kistler Instruments is designed to operate reliably at cryogenic temperatures as low as the -196°C (minus 196°C) needed by many aerospace applications.

With its range of ±5g and high 1,000mV/g sensitivity, the new accelerometer is ideally suited to applications involving low amplitude vibrations over a wide frequency range. On large structures, low amplitude vibrations as low as 100μg can be measured accurately and reliably over the long term. Typical applications include microvibration testing in spacecraft, seismic and any low amplitude vibration testing on heavy structures.

Their exclusive PiezoStar® sensing element and K-Shear® design combination produces an accelerometer with very low sensitivity to base strain, thermal changes and transverse acceleration. The unique sensing elements provide long-term stability, which ensures repeatable and accurate measurements for many years. In addition to the PiezoStar® shear elements contained within the titanium hermetic housing, integrated Piezotron® micro-electronics convert the high impedance charge signal into a ±5V signal. This low impedance voltage output minimizes noise pick-up and eliminates the need for highly insulated low noise cables.

The Type 8712B accelerometer can be attached to any clean and flat surface on a structure by a single threaded hole on the base of the sensor. Signal Conditioning & Data Acquisition can be provided by the Kistler LabAmp Type 5165A or any IEPE Compatible Data Acquisition equipment.

The rugged, welded, hermetic construction makes the new accelerometer ideally suited for accurate long term measurements in adverse conditions down to cryogenic temperatures.

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