Wednesday 31 May 2017

Noise & vibration testing.

Following the setting up of an acoustic calibration laboratory last year, Svantek UK – part of the AcSoft Group – is now offering in-house calibration of its wide range of high performance noise and vibration instrumentation for occupational health and environmental monitoring applications.

SV103 personal vibration meter
The company has replicated the acoustics calibration system used at Svantek’s facility in Poland meaning it can now perform a full factory calibration on all noise and vibration analysers and meters. As a result, new instruments shipped to customers have a fresh calibration certificate every time.
They have added a vibration calibration fixture using a Data Physics 16kg shaker together with Listen’s SoundCheck software and a Dytran reference accelerometer to give a wider range of capabilities. This enables it to calibrate vibration meters according to ISO 8041 and tri axial or single axis accelerometers.

Vibration analysers are calibrated by applying electrical signals to test the frequency response, linearity, overload/range limits, etc. The vibration meter is tested using mechanical excitation either with Svantek’s working standard reference accelerometer or with the customer's sensor.

The filter characteristics of the meters are also tested in accordance with the applicable standard either electrically or vibrationally using the Svantek reference sensor.

For accelerometers, the vibration test system allows the company to measure both sensitivity at the reference frequency and the frequency response of the sensor. This is completed by performing the back to back calibration method.

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