Friday, 26 May 2017

Field reader.

Harting has expanded its UHF RFID product range for demanding industrial and rail sector applications with the addition of a new version of the 4 Field Reader, featuring built-in M8 and M12 connectors to complement its excellent range of RFID solutions.

In addition to the existing features of the compact, robust Ha-VIS RF-R3x0 reader – notably the two antenna connections, 500 mW power output and comprehensive software functions - the new Ha-VIS RF-R400 RFID Reader provides concentrated RFID performance and robust connectors at an attractive price.

The built-in circular connectors now provide interfaces for networking, power supply, RS232, two digital trigger signal inputs and four digital signal outlets. The four antenna connections, each with a maximum power output of 2 W, remain in the usual SMA format.
The standard Harting RFID reader functions such as “action on EPC” (Electronic Product Code), where the reader can process scanning results autonomously and respond by switching outlets, are also included in the reader’s comprehensive software provision.

In terms of software, the RF-R400 is fully compatible with the powerful GS1® ALE 1.1 based Harting middleware. The new reader is supported as usual by the server version, Ha-VIS Middleware and the embedded version for the RF-R350, enabling easy processing of raw data and saving unnecessary expense in the back-end system.

The new reader meets the requirements of the industrial and rail markets, which Harting verifies by monitoring in its own independent and accredited test laboratory. It is particularly suited to rail applications such as track section recognition.

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