Monday, 8 May 2017

Production Planning and System Integration.

On 11th May, the Aegis technical team presents “FactoryLogix - Production Planning and System Integration”, another new webinar.

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Together, the webinars present a holistic solution for dramatically raising manufacturing productivity and lowering operational costs.

“Lack of sufficient material on the line is one of the primary causes of downtime, reduced units per hour (UPH) rates and revenue loss,” explains Bob Miklosey, Vice President of Product Development. “Ensuring effective management of the entire material lifecycle – from receiving to stocking to the production line and back to warehousing – improves factory floor efficiency, which translates into a healthier bottom line.”

The second instalment in the webinar series, “FactoryLogix - Production Planning and System Integration”, delves into how to effectively control near-term production demands, enforce FIFO material reservation and readily find material critical for future production needs. Leverage and integrate FactoryLogix with external systems and sources using a publicly documented applications programming interface.

“Leveraging manufacturing data to drive manufacturing efficiency and operational excellence has been and continues to be at the heart of Aegis’ development efforts,” says Miklosey in summary. “Data in isolation is meaningless; connected data is powerful, and that is what these webinars will help attendees understand and implement.”

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