Tuesday, 23 May 2017

Back in harness...

"Everything has consequences, and nothing is ever simple."

Back Again
The sharp eyed among you will have noticed that the Industrial Automation Insider (IAI) taster that we usually put on our home page had not been changed since April. This was the unintended consequence of the unplanned absence of Editor Walt Boyes from his typewriter for health reasons.

And of course there is a message to be gleaned from all this. "This is a lesson," he says,  "that any automation company needs to keep in mind. Everything has consequences, and nothing is ever simple."

His absence was itself the unintended consequence of some corrective medical treatment he had had some years previously. However we are delighted that he is now back in harness and the latest Industrial Automation Insider is now back in a super two month bumper issue.

If you don't get it you can hardly be said to be up to date on happening in the automation sector.

Welcome back Walt and welcome back Insider!

#PAuto #IAI 

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