Wednesday 21 December 2016

Cloud for field devices.

This solution enables the implementation of an easy-to-use, cost-effective and safe communication system between most field devices and a PC or a Smartphone. It includes Ethernet and wireless gateways, private cloud and secured VPN software solutions.
Delta’s Smart Factory and Cloud Solution provide a remote control and monitoring platform for real-time management of factory facilities. This solution integrates Delta’s brand new Industrial 3G Cloud Routers DX-2100 Series to collect facility operation data from PLCs and industrial controllers in factories, and upload it to Delta’s DIACloud internet cloud service platform for management. It allows managers and customers to acquire real-time facility operation and manufacturing execution information from worldwide factories - anywhere, anytime. With high security technologies, the DIACloud ensures data safety for all users. Currently, Delta has setup DIACloud servers in 7 locations around the globe, and will have 10 more built by 2018 to serve worldwide customers.

DIACloud is a cloud-based IoT platform developed by Delta Electronics. With this platform and the corresponding network gateways, users can communicate with field devices, collect data and push them to a cloud web portal, and push the control commands or settings to field devices at anytime and anywhere. Device status, alarms and field data will be displayed on this mobile APP, whilst control commands can be sent from the APP as well.

Innovative routers which connect all field devices to DIACloud

Delta Electronics recently launched the innovative DX-2100 series 3G Cloud Router and DX-2300 series Industrial Ethernet Cloud Router, which enable a built-in secure tunnel between the DIACloud cloud service and a set of industrial devices such as PLCs, HMIs, AC motor drives, AC servo systems, sensors and more. Designed to support fast and reliable two-way data collection, DX-2100 is a rugged wireless router that establishes a secure ‘tunnel’ between the user and the remote networked devices or PC (via the cloud server) without the need for VPN servers.

Superior performance based on quick, strong and secure connectivity is viable with these advanced new devices. Able to support Modbus TCP and RTU protocols, the DX-2100 is downward compatible with GSM/GPRS/EDGE 2G networks. Both the DX-2100 and the DX-2300 offer HSPA+ data transmission rates of up to 21.6Mbps (downlink) and 5.76Mbps (uplink). Before purchasing any router, users are advised to determine how fast it transmits data.

For the Industrial 3G Cloud Router, further benefits include automatic APN parameter matching and connection redial, therefore minimising offline time in the event of internet drop-out. In addition, there are various peripheral interfaces that include RS-485, RS-232 and Ethernet ports to meet all user device connectivity requirements, while an integral RTC also features along with support for NTP synchronisation over a network.

Data integrity
From a security perspective, the firewall offers many advanced functions, including SPI and the prevention of DoS attacks. The firewall also provides, port triggering and port mapping functionality, along with IP address, MAC address and URL filtering. Additionally, information passes through 6 levels of encryption. All of this helps to make Delta’s DX-2100 and DX-2300 some of the market’s most secure industrial cloud routers. Additional user advantages include networking failure diagnostics, device and PLC interlocking, and custom alarm conditions with email alerts.
A platform designed for smart manufacturing and Industry 4.0 implementation

DIACloud includes without additional cost 1GB of data traffic, 10MB storage in the Cloud, and unlimited user accounts. This makes it possible to perform remote configuration, remote firmware upgrades, scheduled tasks and remote management operations. The device is targeted at a host of remote connectivity applications that include industrial automation, smart homes, smart buildings, smart grids, surveillance and transportation monitoring.

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