Wednesday 7 December 2016

Compact connector.

Harting’s new Han® Q 1/0 Axial Screw Protected connector is a compact single-pole unit that enables the transmission of high currents – greater than 100 A – within the small footprint of a standard 3 A housing.
A key feature of the Han® Q 1/0 is the use of an angled male contact which is fed out of the application at a right angle and forms a relatively flat structure. Compactness is further achieved because contact is established on the connection side by a female contact and not, as usual, via the cable. Harting pre-assembles the angled male variant, so that it does not need to be assembled by the user. On the connection side, a straight female insert with the axial screw technique is used.

Harting is also offering a straight male contact version of the Han® Q 1/0 Axial Screw Protected connector which permits straight feed-outs in bulkhead-mounted housings as well as “flying” cable-to-cable connections. In this variant, no female contact is used in the wiring zone, and contact is established via the usual cable.

Harting chose the axial screw technique for the Han® Q 1/0 connector because this termination technique enables assembly in the field without the use of special tools.

The Han® Q 1/0 Axial Screw Protected connector can be used with cables having conductor cross-sections between 16 mm² and 25 mm². The new connector can be coded with separate pins: a total of 16 different codings are possible. All male and female inserts are touch-safe according to IEC 60 529.

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