Tuesday, 6 December 2016

White paper on FTIR.

A free White Paper on the simultaneous measurement of multiple gases in a wide variety of applications using FTIR (Fourier Transform InfraRed) technology has been published by Quantitech.

With the ability to measure almost any gas, FTIR monitoring technology is employed in an enormous variety of applications including Continuous Emissions Monitoring, Stack Testing, Process Control, Industrial Hygiene, Engine Emissions, Semiconductor Manufacturing, Emergency / First Response, Greenhouse Gas Monitoring, Carbon Capture, Fire Testing, Research and many more.

The same FTIR technology can be deployed in fixed, mobile or portable versions and configured to analyse specific target compounds. However, FTIR can also be used to look for unknown compounds.

The White Paper answers the 22 most commonly asked FTIR questions, such as:
    • How is the IR spectrum used for the gas quantification?
    • What is the performance of FTIR in emissions monitoring?
    • When should a Gasmet FTIR be calibrated?
    • What is the typical response time?
    • What is a reference spectrum and what effect is there from the use of a reference spectrum from a different analyser?
The FTIR White Paper can be downloaded for free from the Quantitech website here!

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