Friday 2 December 2016

Logistics module for Slovenia.

The P&P Group in Slovenia, recently expanded their business to incorporate SMT d.o.o in 2003 and specialises in the development of complex electronic systems with extensive experience in the development and manufacture of sophisticated custom-made electronic devices.

SMT Slovenia’s core business is the development and production of custom-made electronic devices incorporating design for manufacture, SMT and THT component assembly and complex testing.

A customer of Aegis since 2014, SMT Slovenia this month saw the successful introduction of the FactoryLogix R3 Logistics module into their facility. FLx R3 contains a significant number of enhancements and features in addition to the new logistics module to improve the entirety of manufacturing operations — from Material Incoming Quality Control and Sampling, Material Receiving and Labelling, Automated and Manual Warehouse Management, Material Kitting and Dispatch, Production Planning and Scheduling, Mobile Material Management through to Comprehensive Programmers Interface (API).

David Breulj, Project Manager at SMT d.o.o commented “The purchase and installation of Aegis’ FactoryLogix Software underpins SMT Slovenia’s ability to support our customers throughout the electronic manufacturing process – including design and engineering, supply chain management, assembly and testing together with added flexibility from manufacturing prototypes as well as small or large volumes”

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