Tuesday 20 December 2016

Connectors - waterproof when not connected!

The Binder 620 and 720 sub-miniature and miniature all-plastic snap-in modular connectors are available from Foremost Electronics. The lightweight and compact NCC (non-connected closed) design features internal seals that provide protection to IP67 with excellent electrical characteristics.

Alan Cook, Managing Director of Foremost Electronics, advises, “We have been supplying our customers with Binder connectors for many years. These new sub-miniature and miniature waterproof connectors will increase the markets we can address to include medical and end products which require colour-coordinated connectors which can be connected and disconnected frequently.”

NCC connectors are designed to protect their contacts to IP67 when not connected without the need of a protective cap, removing the possibility of damage to cables and systems by moisture ingress. They are ideal for all types of portable equipment, control devices and other applications where it is required to make rapid or frequent set-up changes. The connectors have been designed to have an industry leading working life in excess of 5,000 mating cycles.

The unique snap-in mating provides users with an extremely convenient and safe connect and disconnect action. Colour coded versions in blue, green and red are available, as are versions pre-moulded on PVC cable.

Binder 620 and 720 connectors are suitable for industrial and instrumentation applications and a new RAL 9002 colour option makes them ideal for medical equipment and industrial devices that require light coloured connectors.

The 620 and 720 connectors are manufactured from a robust polyamide 66 material that offers excellent dimensional stability and rigidity and high levels of resistance to acetate and alcohol-based disinfectants. The new bright RAL 9002 grey/white finish integrates very well with light coloured enclosures commonly found in medical equipment and aids visibility of any contamination or soiling when used for medical instrumentation.

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