Monday 19 December 2016

PCB & control unit assembler improves manufacturing systems.

Cimar Electronics is an assembly specialist in the production of PCB’s, control units and panels as well as numerous electronic and electrotechnical devices guaranteeing consistent quality of the entire manufacturing process from prototypes right through to final product.

“Cimar Electronics are now utilising data harvested from Aegis FactoryLogix to satisfy customer requirements and to drive internal business and process improvements. With nearly 25 years of experience and numerous quality certifications that meet strictest guidelines, Cimar Electronics have the knowhow to support and optimize the development process from prototype to final product” states Hend Dekker, SMT department.

A customer of Aegis Software since 2008 they have used V7 NPI tools incorporating iView and iTrac. This year they introduced  FactoryLogix R3 into their Veenendaal (NL) facility. FLx R3 contains a significant number of enhancements and features in addition to the new logistics module to improve the entirety of manufacturing operations — from Material Incoming Quality Control and Sampling, Material Receiving and Labelling, Automated and Manual Warehouse Management, Material Kitting and Dispatch, Production Planning and Scheduling, Mobile Material Management through to Comprehensive Programmers Interface (API).

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