Monday, 7 March 2016

There is an easier way.

While delving through old papers we came across this document which was part of the 1966 calendar for Industrial Instruments Limited.*

The company had an old tradition of issuing these calendars. They usually featured views of Ireland but on this occasion it featured this "Heath Robison" type drawing by the late Tony Gibson and shows his sense of humour.

Tony was sales manager at the time. Later he was the Secretary of the Ireland Section of ISA, while this writer was President (1984-5). He was honoured with the Ireland Section Pioneer Award in 1996 but unfortunatly was to ill to attend the ceremony and received it in hospital shortly before his untimely death.

* Industrial Instruments Ltd was one of the foremost instrument & control companies in Ireland in the mid 20th Century. When it closed many smaller specialist companies (including Read-out) were formed.

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