Friday, 4 March 2016

Technical safety and industrial cybersecurity services.

Kenexis, an independent engineering consulting firm providing technical safety and industrial cybersecurity services, has become an ISA Promotional Partner. Through the partnership, Kenexis and ISA will work together to share Kenexis’ capabilities and technical knowledge with ISA members and customers.

Kenexis works with its clients to make operations safer and more productive by helping to ensure the integrity of instrumented safeguards and industrial communications networks. The company accomplishes this by employing core skills in technical safety, risk analysis, reliability engineering and network engineering.

Kenexis consulting engineering provides Safety Instrumented System (SIS) services, including the establishment of Safety Integrity Level (SIL), and the development of Safety Requirement Specifications (SRS) and quantitative design Verification (SIL Verification). Kenexis analyzes the risks associated with process plant operations using different techniques, including PHA, LOPA and QRA. The company also provides Fire & Gas Mapping services, including performance target selection, detector placement and coverage assessments. The Kenexis industrial cybersecurity team provides industrial control system services, including design, vulnerability assessments and incident response.

Kenexis also develops software tools to improve the quality and performance of its work. Kenexis produces the tools available to the market place for others to use for the same reasons. Discover Kenexis Effigy - Performance Based Fire & Gas Detector Design and Vertigo - SIS Safety Lifecycle Software products. 

Kenexis actively participates in industry standards and best practices, including ISA84, Electrical/Electronic/Programmable Electronic Systems (E/E/PES) for Use in Process Safety Applications and ISA99, Industrial Automation and Control Systems Security.

Kenexis helps clients comply with appropriate regulations and standards, and benchmark their performance and processes against industry best practices. These services allow its clients to maintain “best-in-class” safety and reliability ratings.

“ISA welcomes Kenexis as an ISA Promotional Partner,” states Jennifer Infantino Halsey, ISA's Director of Marketing & Communications. “ISA members and the automation and control community at large will be able to learn more about the value and benefits of Kenexis’ technical safety and industrial cybersecurity services—particularly their potential to reduce operational risks and improve productivity.”

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