Wednesday, 16 March 2016

Field rangeable pressure sensor.

As part of its GP:50 range of pressure sensors and transmitters for hazardous and harsh environments, Interface Force has announced the Model 1171 field rangeable pressure sensor.

This is a rugged, compact transmitter, the 1171 and has been designed for use in severe weather conditions such as those encountered offshore in the energy and maritime sectors.

Pressure ranges from 50 through 100,000 PSIS, PSIA and PSIV and is 4-20mA loop powered. The external zero, span and calibration controls are hermetically sealed and easily adjusted with the help of a magnetically coupled drive system. One of the main features of the Model 1171 is that it allows for 5:1 ranging of the transmitter’s standard pressure range, so there is no need for a calibrated pressure source.

Completely sealed, the GP:50 Model 1171 is an all welded constructed unit and using 15-5 and 316 stainless steel in the pressure activity means that it is completely watertight and corrosion resistant. For added reliability, the unit is designed without an ‘O’ ring that can be susceptible to wear.

The 1171 series of pressure sensors is offered with many options to meet the exacting requirements of customers’ applications. Interface Force has a highly qualified and experienced in-house design team of engineers ready to help engineers find a solution for their pressure sensing applications.

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